Install the latest version of Firefox on Debian

When you install Debian, the Firefox ESR which comes with your installation comes without updating. Here I will explain how to install the latest version of Firefox.

The steps that I will explain here to install the latest version of Firefox is take in part from the Debian website, the difference that I will explain it more clearly.

Download the latest version of Firefox from its website.

Unzip the file in your Home Directory. With root privileges, you can use (caja, nemo, thunar, ...) create a copy of the folder and take it to the /opt directory which is the location where the optional applications are installed ( from third parties).

Now create a file firefox-stable.desktop, the name stable can replace to the name you to want, I give nightly. This file will provide the possibility to start Firefox on your Desktop, create with your favourite editor (gedit, nano, leafpad...) the file firefox-nightly.desktop.

With nano write sudo nano firefox-nightly.desktop and save this,

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Firefox Stable
Comment=Web Browser
Exec=/opt/firefox/firefox %u

In our file firefox-nightly.desktop we have to change three things.

How it to show, my username is debian

imagen opciones para su instalación

We make Two copies and take them to,

1 With root privileges, you can use (caja, nemo, thunar, ...) we take it to the Applications folder that is in /usr/share/applications .

2 Here without root privileges, we take it to our .local folder, this folder is in our Home Folder, but it is hidden, so we open a personal folder, click above where it says View and and click where it says Show hidden files. We will see the .local folder, we will open it, and the share folder will appear, open it and we will see the Applications folder, if it is not, create a folder with that name, and put the copy on it, all the address together ~/.local/share/applications .

With this we will have our new Firefox, in Applications + Internet you will find your new Firefox.

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