How to create a bootable USB flash drive on Debian

I will explain here how to create a bootable USB flash drive on Debian with the tool dd (disk dump).

The Tool dd (disk dump) is a core utility it is using for bit-exact copying of hard disks, partitions or files. You here can ready a full documentation what it does and his Options, dd is already included in Debian installation.

Use of the dd tool can overwrite any partition of your machine. If you specify the wrong device in the instructions below, you could delete your primary Linux partition. Please be careful.

1- I will recommend your removing all USB device which connect to your computer.

2- I recommend you use lsblk first without the USB where you have your Debian Live installed, and then connect the USB to the computer so that you will know the name given by lsblk, sdb or sdc.

Search for devices which are currently connected to your machine

Open a Terminal, give the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T

With the lsblk command show which devices are currently connected to your machine.

linux@linuxusers $ lsblk

sdb 8:16 1 14.9G 0 disk
├─sdb1 8:17 1 1.6G 0 part /media/username/usb volume name
└─sdb2 8:18 1 2.4M 0 part

How the Image to show, my USB is sdb and sdb1 is the Partition name where the volume is. Normality with lsblk the USB device will show sdb, sometime to come sdc because we have more USB device connected to the computer. sda is the SATA-hard drive.

The dd command syntax for creating a bootable USB flash drive.

$ sudo dd if= of= bs=

dd -> The dd command.

if -> Input File and his Path

of -> Output file. What we are writing to, in this case, directly to a USB block device

bs -> Sets the Block size, bs=4 would be 4MiB blocksize


status=progress -> Display the progress of the copy

Create a bootable Debian on a USB stick

My ISO-image is on my Downloads Folder, and the name of the ISO-image is debian-live-10.0.0-amd64-mate+nonfree.iso

if= Here write the path to my folder where have my image Debian and the name from the image, /home/linux/Downloads/debian-live-10.0.0-amd64-mate+nonfree.iso

of= Here write the path to my USB stick and his name, /dev/sdb

The dd command syntax for creating a bootable Debian on a USB stick.

$ sudo dd if= of= bs=4M; sync

sync -> Is a utility for efficiently transferring and synchronizing files

Now all on the terminal

$ sudo dd if=/home/linux/Downloads/debian-live-10.0.0-amd64-mate+nonfree.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync

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